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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Jeff Gusdorf Will Present "Artificial Intelligence for Distributors - Getting Started"

Artificial Intelligence is the ability to have machines think like people; performing tasks that require reasoning, planning, learning and understanding language. The brains behind AI is machine learning which is the ability to use algorithms that can learn from large amounts of data. We encounter AI applications all the time; Siri on iPhones, Amazon’s product recommendation engine, Google Photo image recognition and tagging, Google Maps route recommendations.

These Consumer AI experiences are raising the bar for business. E-commerce and mobile apps started in the consumer sector and then were adopted by businesses. Artificial Intelligence applications are following the same path. How will you respond?

On March 16, 2019 at NFDA/MWFA/Pac-West Joint Conference in San Diego CA, Jeff from Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Services will present an overview of basic AI concepts, take a deeper dive into AI for salesforce automation and AI for Business Analytics and propose a plan for tackling a pilot AI project.

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