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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Featured in the 2018 Software Guides: Artificial Intelligence in Business - Beyond SciFi

by Jeff Gusdorf and Maggie Peters
Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business sound like the stuff of science fiction? For smaller companies it does, since the focus is on competing with technology heavy companies like Amazon.

How can AI be a realistic or useful way to optimize business intelligence and processes when most distribution companies are focused on replacing legacy ERP systems and implementing warehouse and e-Commerce solutions?

At the same time, leading tech companies are propelling businesses into the future with their current and upcoming implementations of Cloud technology, machine learning and AI. Distribution and Manufacturing companies need to understand how these advancements will impact them in the future and see how these new technologies will change their competitive landscape.

The 2018 Software Guides are the only software selection guide specifically developed for the unique needs of the distribution and manufacturing community. The new editions are designed to assist you, the Wholesale Distributor and Manufacturer, evaluate, compare and analyze software to determine which products fit your operation.

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