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Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Out of "Do-do" By Steve Epner

In the July Strictly Business Newsletter, Steve Epner writes about the importance of getting work done, attaining results and moving forward.

"Do-do" is the mode most business people seem to always be stuck in. Head down, shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grind stone, push, push, push. We are always doing. Maybe it makes us feel better. Maybe it is an animal instinct that comes from ancient history. Wherever it came from, it can be expensive, less productive than we think, and can make us downright ineffective.

It is easy to fool ourselves when we are hard at "do-do" work. As a matter of fact, we often call it busy work. We look busy. That gets us promoted. We work extra hours. We complain that we cannot get away from our desks. We always seem to be in "do-do" mode.

What is important is to get out of the "do-do" trap and instead strive
for "done-done." It is important to do work — it is more important to get work done. Finish something. Get results. Move forward.

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